How International Grading Scales Compare to PCGS

France England Italy Japan Germany Poland Spain PCGS Description
PO-1 Identifiable date and type
FR-2 Mostly worn, though some detail is visible
Bien conservée AG Discreto (M) 収集不適品 Gering (GE) Stan 5 Mal conservada (MC) AG-3 Worn rims but most lettering is readable though worn
G-4 Slightly worn rims, flat detail, peripheral lettering nearly full
G-6 Rims complete with flat detail, peripheral lettering full
Beau (B) G Bello (B) 劣品 Sehr gut erhalten (SGE) Stan 4 Regular
conservada (RC)
VG-8 Design worn with slight detail
VG-10 Design worn with slight detail, slightly clearer
Bien conservada (BC) F-12 Some deeply recessed areas with detail, all lettering sharp
F-15 Slightly more detail in the recessed areas, all lettering sharp
Trés beau (TB) F Molto bello (MB) 並品 Schön (S) VF-20 Some definition of detail, all lettering full and sharp
Stan 3 VF-25 Slightly more definition in the detail and lettering
Muy bien conservada (MBC) VF-30 Almost complete detail with flat areas
VF-35 Detail is complete but worn with high points flat
Trés trés beau (TTB) VF Bellissimo (BB) 美品 Sehr schön (SS) EF-40 Detail is complete with most high points slightly flat
EF-45 Detail is complete with some high points flat
Extraordinariamente bien conservada (EBC) AU-50 Full detail with friction over most of the surface, slight flatness on high points
Extraordinariamente bien conservada (EBC) AU-53 Full detail with friction over 1/2 or more of surface, very slight flatness on high points
Superbe (SUP) EF Splendido (SPL) 極美品 Vorzüglich (VZ) Stan 2 AU-55 Full detail with friction on less than 1/2 surface, mainly on high points
AU-58 Full detail with only slight friction on the high points
準未使用品 MS/PR-60 No wear. May have many heavy marks/hairlines, strike may not be full
Sin circular (SC) MS/PR-61 No wear. Multiple heavy marks/hairlines, strike may not be full
MS/PR-62 No wear. Slightly less marks/hairlines, strike may not be full
UNC 未使用品 Stempelglanz (ST) MS/PR-63 Moderate number/size marks/hairlines, strike may not be full
MS/PR-64 Few marks/hairlines or a couple of severe ones, strike should be average or above
Fleur de coin (FDC) FDC Fior di conio (FDC) Stan 1 Flor de cuno (FDC) MS/PR-65 Minor marks/hairlines though none in focal areas, above average strike
完全未使用品 MS/PR-66 Few minor marks/hairlines not in focal areas, good strike
FDC exceptionnel MS/PR-67 Virtually as struck with minor imperfections, very well struck
空前絶後品 MS/PR-68 Virtually as struck with slight imperfections, slightest weakness of strike allowed
MS/PR-69 Virtually as struck with minuscule imperfections, near full strike necessary
MS/PR-70 As struck, with full strike

PLEASE NOTE: The grading scales historically used by most countries to determine a coin’s condition offer far fewer grades to choose from than PCGS’s Grading Standards, which are based on the Sheldon Scale of 1-70. The increased number of grades provides a far more accurate method for grading coins. PCGS also includes concise descriptions for all grades that describe what characteristics our graders are looking for when grading coins.

You can use this chart to compare your local grading standards to those of PCGS. These scales can vary, so use this table for information purposes only.