PCGS.com.cn Has Free Information For Coin Collectors and Dealers in China

An important and useful new website for coin collectors and dealers in mainland China, www.PCGS.com.cn, now is online.

SHanghai Logo EnglishThe website from Professional Coin Grading Service, Collectors Universe (Shanghai), Ltd. (上海品吉伟仕商务服务有限公司) has information about the services that are available from PCGS, the world's leading coin authentication and grading service.  The website also has easy access to the free, authoritative PCGS Price Guide for more than 7,000 Chinese coins and the PCGS population ReportSM, a helpful listing of the dates, types and grades of Chinese coins that have been certified by PCGS. 

The new website also has information about PCGS authentication and grading fees.  There are easy to use submission forms for sending your coins for certification to the official PCGS Submission Centers in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou in cooperation with Shanghai Quanping Collectables Co. Ltd.

Modern Chinese coins dated after 1979 and vintage Chinese coins from the late 1700s to the mid 20th century locally available in mainland China will be accepted for examination by PCGS experts in China after July 20, 2013.