PCGS Enters Numismatic and Marketing Partnership with Modern Chinese Coins Web in Mainland China

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(Shanghai, China) Professional Coin Grading Service (www.PCGS.com.cn), the world’s leading independent third-party coin authentication and grading company, continues its relentless efforts to expand service in mainland China. PCGS has entered into a numismatic and marketing partnership through its wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai, Collectors Universe (Shanghai), Ltd., with Modern Chinese Coins Web (www.Coin001.com), the leading and the most authoritative numismatic website specialized in Chinese modern circulating coins in mainland China, and Mr. Sun Keqin, the reputable numismatist and author of Standard Catalog of Chinese Modern Circulating Coins

This partnership marks an important move for the strategic partners to demonstrate their commitment and coordinated efforts to jointly research and promote Chinese modern circulating coins using an all-rounded approach in China.  The partners will exchange valuable coin knowledge and market insights as well as to utilize each other’s resources, expertise and websites to jointly promote Chinese modern circulating coins, the partners and their brands. This will not only make the Chinese modern circulating coins market more vibrant and secured but also add great value to benefit the Chinese modern circulating coin lovers in mainland China.


“Interest in collecting and investing in Chinese modern circulating coins continues to grow. We see fast growing submissions being handled by PCGS Shanghai Grading Centre since we have opened a few months ago. It is our great honor to partner with the most respected Chinese modern circulating coins website led by the well-known Chinese numismatist and author Mr. Sun Keqin,” said Mr. Don Willis, PCGS President.

PCGS recognizes the diverse variety of Chinese modern circulating coins. All such coins certified by PCGS will feature Mr. Sun’s reference coin numbers in the labels and be listed as such in PCGS Population Report.

SunMr. Sun Keqin, the founder of Modern Chinese Coins Web said, “I truly believe that our partnership will be significant not only to promote theoretical research and academic development of Chinese modern circulating coins but also enhance the exposure of Chinese coins on international level.”

“Both PCGS and Modern Chinese Coins Web will continue to stay ahead of the academic standards in this field together. We shall join hands to promote Chinese modern circulating coins in a new era!” added Mr. Sun.

“PCGS takes the grading business very seriously. We will only partner with the most respected and recognized numismatists like Mr. Sun whose expertise can greatly enhance our grading capability especially in Chinese modern circulating coins. We look forward to a long term partnership with Modern Chinese Coins Web and many successful joint projects in the future to enhance further our services to the Chinese coin collecting community with improved PCGS Population Report, Price Guide and Set Registry,” said Ms. Muriel Eymery, PCGS Vice President International Business Development.


“PCGS provides an unlimited guarantee and this guarantee will also apply to PCGS-graded Chinese modern circulating coins. PCGS’ certification hence increases collectors’ security, coins’ value and liquidity. PCGS is recognized worldwide as the Standard for coin grading,” added Ms. Eymery.

In January 2014 PCGS will once again offer on-site grading service in mainland China. Chinese modern coins dated after 1949 and Chinese/US/World vintage coins from the late 1700s to mid-20th century will be accepted for certification and grading until January 15, 2014. We welcome submissions at the PCGS Official Submission Centers in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Coins can also be conveniently submitted through a network of more than 80 PCGS Authorized Dealers in mainland China (http://www.PCGS.com.cn/dealers).

For more information on how and where to submit coins to PCGS, visit www.pcgs.com.cn or www.shquanping.com