e-monnaies Decembre 2015 live auction at Cgb.fr Closing date: December 15, 2015

Cgb.fr will present more than 500 lots at its new “e-Monnaies” live auction – December 15, 2015 –, from Ancient to Royal and Modern French coins, including World coins.

Among the approximately 100 Ancient coins offered for sale, you will certainly notice a beautiful Lysimachus tetradrachm, a Philipus III Arrhidaeus gold stater, as well as a large selection of Roman coins, among which an exceptional Aurelian aurelianus.

This live auction will above all celebrate the tercentenary of the death of Louis XIV, the Sun King (1638-1715), and feature an exceptional and carefully selected coin series of this monarch : an extremely rare “lis d'or”, an écu de Flandre called “au buste âgé” 1686 LL and the much sought-after “demi-louis d'or à la mèche longue”, 1648 A, etc.

Among French Modern coins presented at this Cgb.fr live auction, you’ll find a series of pattern coins, among which the silver 20 Francs Turin 1939 and the silver 10 Francs Turin 1948. A bronze and aluminium 10-cents Lindauer “petit module” is also offered for sale (194.).
Napoleon I will also be much emphasized with a full series of coins, among which 2 Francs coins from 1807 A (Tête de Nègre), and a 5 Francs An 12 G Premier Consul that Cgb.fr is offering for sale for the second time only.

You will also be offered other exceptional French coins, such as a 5 Francs écu 1819 I, the only specimen ever listed – that George Sobin could never see - and beautiful items from the DK Collection: a demi-franc An 12 T Premier Consul graded AU 58 and a 2 Francs Cent-Jours 1815 A graded SUP 60. A rare Gold 40 Francs transitory type 1807 M, 4.940 copies and a box of two tin pattern coins - a 5 Francs and a 100 Francs Louis-Philippe dated 1831, also from the DK collection – will also be offered for sale.

The selection of this live auction will end up with a wide range of World coins which will take you to Germany and Austria with a nice sample of thalers, but also to Italy, with two superb Charles V gold ducats for Naples, and to Russia, Switzerland and Spain and Portugal (with a Peça, or 6400 coin “Réis de Maria II of Portugal”, offered for sale for the first time at Cgb.fr). A Edward III. Noble and a 50 Stuivers Louis-Napoléon of Holland, 1807, will mark the culmination of this part of the live auction dedicated to World coins.

The Cgb.frteam is pleased to invite you to take part in this new live auction “e-Monnaies” closing on December 15, 2015. Make your bids now for the lots you are interested in on our website www.cgb.fr, by post (Cgb.fr 36 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris, France) or email ([email protected]). Free printed catalogue on request.

The first lot will be allocated on Tuesday December 15, 2015 from 2 pm, Paris time. There will be one winner only! Please note that consignments are already open for the live auction “e-Monnaies – March 2016” which will take place in March 2016. For more information and a free valuation, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (33 (0)1 40 46 42 97).